The 21st Century COE Program "Usage-Based Linguistic Informatics"(2002-2006)

Breaking down the borders between the three separate and traditional fields of linguistics, language education and computer science and then dealing with them in an integrated manner to create a new academic field referred to as Linguistic Informatics is of great academic significance.

Linguistic Informatics is a collection of papers written collaboratively by researchers from both our and other universities. All of the papers have been reviewed by referees, and the editors of this collection of papers include those from outside our university. The style of this collection of papers is different in that it has been published as a series by John Benjamins Publishing Company of the Netherlands under the name of our COE, Usage-Based Linguistic Informatics.

The Working Papers in Linguistic Informatics is a collection of research reports (e.g. basic research reports, analysis reports and outlines) centered on those written by faculty members and graduate students of our university. The content of these papers is reviewed by editors and contributions are also made by researchers from institutions outside our university. This collection of papers is also available for perusal online, and is therefore being transmitted throughout the world.

Series "Usage-Based Linguistic Informatics"

Linguistic Informatics

Working Papers in Linguistic Informatics

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