The 21st Century COE Program "Usage-Based Linguistic Informatics"(2002-2006)

Persons in Charge of Program Promotion
Name Area of specialization Role
Yuji KAWAGUCHI French & Turkish Linguistics Center leader; responsible for Linguistic Informatics
Susumu ZAIMA German Linguistics Responsible for Applied Linguistics &Linguistic Informatics
Nobuo TOMIMORI Theoretical Linguistics Linguistics
Toshihiro TAKAGAKI Spanish Linguistics Responsible for Linguistics
Yoichiro TSURUGA French Linguistics Linguistics
Ikuo KAMEYAMA Russian Literature Applied Linguistics
Akira MIZUBAYASHI French Literature & History Applied Linguistics
Hideki NOMA Korean Linguistics Linguistics
Kohji SHIBANO Information Science Responsible for Computer Sciences & Linguistic Informatics
Makoto MINEGISHI Linguistics Computer Sciences & Linguistic Informatics
Mayumi USAMI Linguistics, Social Science, Psychology and Japanese Language Education Applied Linguistics