• Yeah, yeah, you should meet Jan.
  • Jan! Hey, Jan! Come here.
  • What?
  • Jan, I'm having a video chat with my dad.
  • Come here and say "hi".
  • Dad, this is my friend, Jan.
  • Hi, Mr. Nelson. I'm Jan.
  • Hi, Jan! I know all about you.
  • Pete's told me so much.
  • But please call me Jim.
  • call me Jim
  • Okay, Jim. It's nice to meet you.
  • I'm really glad to finally meet you, too.
  • Next time we'll have to do it face to face.
  • face to face
    "face to face"は"in person"の意味。「直接/面と向かって」
  • How about next week?
  • I'm coming to town to see Pete.
  • Yeah. That'd be great.
  • Yeah
  • Sorry, but I gotta get going.
  • gotta
    "gotta"は"got to"の意味。「~しなくてはならない」
  • Pete, give me a call when your dad's in town.
  • Sure thing, Jan.
  • Bye, Jim.
  • Bye, Jan. See you next week.
  • See ya.

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