• Hey, what's the matter?
  • Oh, does it show?
  • I got roped into helping Sarah with the party planning committee.
  • got roped into
    "getting roped into doing something"は"getting obligated to do something you'd rather not do"の意味。「うまく丸め込まれて~することになる」
  • Ah, she asked you too? Why didn't you just say "no"?
  • I would've. Trust me.
  • Trust me.
    "Trust me."は"I assure you."の意味。「信じて/本当だよ」
  • But she sort of got me out of a jam last month.
  • a jam
    "a jam"は"a difficult situation"の意味。「困難な状況/窮地」
  • Really?
  • Yeah. I've been really struggling in Professor Stephen's class and I needed her help to study for the midterm.
  • Yeah
  • Even though she drives me nuts, she really knows her stuff.
  • drives me nuts
    "drives me nuts"は"makes me upset"の意味。「気を狂わせる/イライラさせる」
    knows her stuff
    "knows her stuff"は"is very knowledgeable"の意味。「(ある事柄に関して)堪能である/よく知っている」
  • She really helped me out.
  • And I did pretty well on the test, too, thanks to her.
  • Ah. I see.
  • Yeah. Anyway, how could I say "no"?
  • how could I say "no"
    "how could I say no"は"I was unable to refuse"の意味。「イヤとはいえない/断れない」
  • There was no way I could turn her down. I sort of owe her.
  • turn her down
    "turn her down"は"say no to her"の意味。「断る」
  • I guess so. Well, have fun blowing up balloons.
  • Oh, geez, thanks.

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