• Hey, Jan. What's up?
  • Not much. What's new with you?
  • I just bought a house.
  • bought a house
    家を所有することは伝統的な"the American dream"のひとつと考えられている。従って、初めて家を所有することは大きな出来事 。
  • Whoa! No way! Where are you living?
  • No way
    "No way"は"No kidding"の意味。「うそ!/まさか!」
  • Oh, I haven't moved in yet.
  • I'm planning to move next weekend.
  • The house is near Montgomery High School on the west side of town.
  • Oh, really?
  • That's close to where my folks live.
  • folks
    "folks"は"family members"、特に"parents"の意味。「両親」
  • Oh, really?
  • Say, would you mind helping me move stuff in, if you're not too busy?
  • Say
    "say"はここでは"by the way"と同様の機能をもつ。「ところで」
  • Yeah.
  • Yeah
  • I'm gonna be free on Saturday and I was planning on having dinner with my parents that night anyway.
  • Oh, great. That'd be such a big help.
  • I've been really worried about getting everything moved.
  • I'll start taking things over around 7:00 in morning.
  • Yeah. No problem.
  • Would it be okay if I join you at 10:00?
  • I have a few things to take care of in the morning, but I should be free by 10:00.
  • Sure. No worries.
  • Why don't you call me Saturday morning, when you get free, and I'll tell you where I am and give you directions.
  • Okay, will do. Catch you later.
  • will do
    "will do"は"I will call you"の意味。「電話するよ」
    Catch you later
    "catch"は "see "または"talk to"の意味。「またね」
  • Thanks again. See you Saturday.
  • See ya.

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