• Hey, today's the big day.
  • Are you nervous?
  • You look a little frazzled.
  • frazzled
  • Um. Not too bad.
  • I've been practicing my presentation all weekend.
  • I feel pretty good about it.
  • I think my arguments are solid and I'm feeling good about my delivery.
  • Then what's wrong?
  • Well. Maybe you can help me.
  • Should I go with the red tie or the blue tie?
  • Hmm, they say red is associated with power, but blue is supposed to make people feel safe and secure.
  • So what's more important?
  • Do you need to project power or trust?
  • Both, I guess.
  • Then, purple?
  • Oh, you're funny.
  • you're funny
    "you're funny"はここでは皮肉で"you are not funny"を含意。「君面白いね(皮肉)。」
  • Okay. Just go with the blue. It goes better with your eyes.
  • go with
    "go with"は"choose"の意味。「~を選ぶ」
  • Okay. Thanks. I guess I can relax now.
  • See, that wasn't so hard.

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