• Excuse me.
  • Yes.
  • Sorry to bother you, but do you have the time?
  • have the time
    "do you have the time?"は"could you tell me what time it is?"の意味。「今何時か」
  • I believe it is... 7:20.
  • Hmmmm...
  • I know.
  • Is it just me? Or was the train supposed to be here more than 40 minutes ago?
  • Is it just me
    "Is it just me?"は"Am I mistaken?"の意味。「私は間違っているのか/私の気のせいか」
  • No. You're right.
  • It's really late.
  • I've been checking my watch so many times.
  • It made me wonder if it had stopped or something. But, I guess I'm not crazy.
  • I'm not crazy
    "I'm not crazy"は"I am not completely wrong"の意味。「完全に間違っているわけではない」
  • The subway's a bit unreliable around here.
  • a bit
    "a bit"はここでは"very"を含意する皮肉った言い方。「とても」
  • Is it? I'm not very familiar with the subway system.
  • Yeah. It's late like every other day.
  • It's kind of ridiculous.
  • kind of
    "kind of"はここでは"very"を意味する皮肉った言い方。「とても」
  • Ah, that stinks.

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