• Are you ready to order?
  • Actually I have a couple of questions.
  • Here it says that the tomato soup is spicy, but I was wondering, just how spicy is it?
  • just
  • Um, it's actually not that spicy.
  • Just has a little bit of a kick at the end. It won't make you cry or anything.
  • a kick
    "kick"は"spicy flavor"の意味。「辛み」
  • Oh okay. That's not so bad.
  • And I was also looking at the grilled clams.
  • Uh huh.
  • How do you recommend them?
  • How do you recommend them?
    "How do you recommend them?"は"recommend how it is cooked"の意味。「焼き加減はどのくらいがおすすめですか?」
  • The chef recommends medium.
  • Ah okay. The tomato soup and the clams then.
  • Okay. Medium?
  • Yes please.
  • The clams come with a side. Would you like salad or French fries?
  • French fries
    "French fries"はイギリス英語では"chips"という。「フライドポテト」
  • French fries, please.
  • Okay.

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