• It's about that time.
  • about that time
    "about time"は"almost time to leave"の意味。「そろそろ(出発の)時間だ」
  • Okay, I'll lock up after this email.
  • lock up
    "lock up"は"finish work and lock the office door"「(仕事を終えて)戸締りをする」の意味。ここでは「(仕事を終えて)帰る」というニュアンス。
  • Any weekend plans?
  • Yeah. We're driving up to my parents' house.
  • driving up
    "driving up"は普通"driving north"あるいは"driving to a place of higher elevation"の意味。「車で行く」
  • Oh that sounds like fun.
  • Yeah. It's been a while.
  • My parents keep complaining that they never see the grandkids.
  • What about you? Any plans?
  • I'm taking the boys to a baseball game tomorrow.
  • the boys
    "the boys"はここでは"my sons"の意味。「息子たち」
  • Oh. That's awesome.
  • awesome
  • Yeah, they're really excited about it.
  • Been going on and on and on about it all week.
  • going on and on and on
    "going on and on and on"は"talking about a topic endlessly"の意味。「延々と話す」
  • Cool. Well, have fun at the game.
  • Thanks. Have fun at your parents'.
  • Thanks.

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