• Hey hun. How was work?
  • hun
  • It was alright.
  • The morning was pretty slow but after lunch it got busy all of a sudden.
  • slow
    "slow"は"not busy"の意味。「ゆったりした/忙しくない」
  • It was crazy.
  • Really. A lot of customers?
  • Yeah. Ted called in sick this morning.
  • called in sick
    "call in sick"は"call the workplace and report being sick"の意味。「病欠の電話をする」
  • And Alan's still in Atlanta, so we were short-staffed to begin with.
  • short-staffed
    "short-staffed"は"not having enough workers"の意味。「スタッフ不足の」
  • Ah, that's too bad.
  • Did you at least eat?
  • eat
    "eat"はここでは"eat lunch"の意味。「(昼食を)食べる」
  • Mm hmm. Fortunately the rush didn't happen until after.
  • rush
    "rush"は"busy time"の意味。「ラッシュ/忙しい時間」
  • Ah. Is Ted okay?
  • He sounded pretty nasally on the phone.
  • sounded pretty nasally
    "sound nasally"は"sound like one has a stuffy nose"の意味。「鼻がつまってるような声だ/鼻声で」
  • Could be the flu.
  • I hope it's not too serious.
  • Yeah. Me too.

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