• Hey, you like coffee?
  • Uh, yeah. Why?
  • yeah
  • Well. My cousin gave me these gift cards to some coffee shop.
  • But I don't really drink coffee.
  • If you want you can have 'em.
  • 'em
  • Oh. That's really generous of you.
  • But, are you sure?
  • Yeah. They're yours.
  • They're yours
    "they're yours"は"they belong to you now"の意味。「もう君のだよ」
  • I mean… they don't just have coffee at coffee shops.
  • You can get tea and cake and stuff.
  • and stuff
    "and stuff"は"other things"の意味。「~やその他の物」
  • Nah, I'm not really into those either.
  • Nah
    "to be into"は"to be interested in …"の意味。「~に興味がある」
  • Here. Take 'em.
  • 'em
  • Wow. Thanks. Thanks a lot!
  • You know what? Let me buy you lunch.
  • You know what?
    "You know what?"は「それでさ/それじゃあ」の意味。
  • Don't worry about it.

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