• Oh, hello, Jenny. Great to see you.
  • Hi, Peter. I finally made it.
  • The traffic's chockers out there!
  • chockers
  • Yeah, they're putting in a new roundabout or something.
  • roundabout
  • It's a total disaster.
  • Yeah, I was sitting in a traffic jam for bloody ages.
  • traffic jam
    "traffic jam"は"traffic queue/line"の意味。「(交通)渋滞」
  • Anyway, please come in.
  • Oh, yeah, but I'm just a bit worried about where I've parked the car.
  • I'm very close to a zebra crossing.
  • zebra crossing
    "zebra crossing"は「横断歩道」の意味。道路上に黒と白の縞模様で描かれているため、このように呼ぶ。米英語では"crosswalk"。
  • Should I move it?
  • Oh what, just by the launderette?
  • launderette
  • Yeah, that's it.
  • Don't worry about it.
  • You don't have to.
  • What…really?
  • Yeah, I've lived here for 2 years and always park there.
  • This place is like some kind of traffic warden black hole.
  • they never come here.
  • Well, ok, if you really think so…
  • Believe me, you'll be ok.
  • Ok, if you say so. I'm dying to see what you've done with the flat.
  • dying to
    "dying to ~"は「とても~したい」の意味。
    what you've done with the flat
    "what you've done with the flat"は「あなたがアパートにしたこと」リフォームなど改修を行った、という意味。   

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