• Thanks again for looking after the place.
  • You're going to stay the whole time I'm away?
  • Yeah, it's easier than going back and forth.
  • Plus, it'll be nice to be closer to work.
  • nice
  • OK, sure.
  • In that case I'd better tell you about the boiler.
  • boiler
  • It's a bit of a pain.
  • a bit of a pain
    "a bit of a pain"は"a big problem"の意味。「厄介な問題」イギリス英語では、物事を控えめに表現する傾向がある。
  • Really? What do you mean?
  • Don't turn it off or change the settings.
  • Why not?
  • Isn't it expensive to leave it on all the time?
  • Yeah it can be, but not as expensive as getting the plumber out again.
  • If you change anything it resets the system and won't start again.
  • What am I supposed to do if it stops?
  • If you don't touch any of the settings, it should be fine.
  • So, please don't touch anything.
  • Ok. I'll leave it alone.

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