• Right, have you fixed that shed yet?
  • shed
    "shed"は庭にある小屋 (hut)の意味。「小屋」
  • Oh, will you give it a rest?
  • I've only just got back from the corner shop.
  • corner shop
    "corner shop"は新聞や菓子が買える商店のこと。
  • Oh, you're back now and the shed won't fix itself.
  • Alright, alright, just stop nagging, will you?
  • nagging
  • It's the weekend.
  • Yes, that's right, and it was 4 weekends ago when that shed door fell off.
  • Yeah, and I've been up to here in it recently.
  • I've been up to here
    "I've been up to here" は"I've been up to my neck"ということで、"I've been very busy"という意味。「最近忙しい/忙殺されている」
  • Up to here in what?
  • You know, work, the motor's dodgy engine, stuff like that.
  • dodgy
    "dodgy"は"‘not quite right"の意味。「あまりよく動かない」
  • Excuses, excuses.
  • That's all I hear from you.
  • Will you shut your trap and give me a sec to get ready?
  • trap
  • So, are you gonna do it then?
  • Yes, but if I do this, I want a roast dinner tomorrow.
  • roast dinner
    "roast dinner"は 伝統的な日曜日の夕食メニュー。"roast"と省略されることもある。
  • Hmm, go on then, a roast it is…
  • but please get that shed sorted.

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