• So you've told me why you'd like to attend Cambridge. Now, tell me why you'd like to come to King's College.
  • Cambridge
    "Cambridge"はここでは"University of Cambridge"の意味。「ケンブリッジ大学」
    King's College
    "King's College"は ケンブリッジ大学で規模が大きいカレッジの一つ。
  • Well, mainly because of the College's reputation.
  • I would like to study Economics and I know that the tutors here are specialists in the areas I'm interested in.
  • tutor
  • And, how do you think you'll fit in to life at King's?
  • fit in
    "fit in"は "adapt"の意味。「適応/順応する」
  • I'm really looking forward to it.
  • The grounds are beautiful and from what I've read, this college has very active extra curricular programmes.
  • programme
    英英語ではprogramme、米英語では program と綴るのが一般的。
  • I am interested in the Music Society and joining the rowing team.
  • rowing
    "rowing"は「ボートレース」の意味。 オックスフォード大学とケンブリッジ大学でとても人気のあるスポーツ。
  • Thank you.
  • Do you have any concerns about living in halls?
  • halls
    "halls"は 正式には、"Halls of Residence"。アメリカ英語では"dorm/dormitory"という。「大学寮」
  • No, not really.
  • Although it will depend where I am placed, but I tend to get on well with most people.
  • get on well with
    "get on well with"は"be on good terms with"の意味。「うまくやる」
  • I think life in halls will be fun.
  • OK.
  • Do you have any reason not to come here if you are accepted?
  • It is far from home.
  • My parents would rather I attended university locally, but they understand that coming to Cambridge would be a great opportunity.
  • Thank you.

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