• Are you ready to order, madam?
  • madam
  • Um, actually I was thinking of having something from the specials menu.
  • specials menu
    "specials menu"は 通常のメニューには載っていない料理のことを指し、季節の食材を使ったものが多い。
  • What do you recommend?
  • How about the vegetable lasagna?
  • We get our aubergines and courgettes from a local supplier.
  • aubergines
    local supplier
    "local supplier"は「地元農家」の意味。食材が新鮮である可能性が高いという意味につながるので、良い意味で使われる。
  • Okay, that sounds good.
  • Can I recommend some of our garlic bread to go with that?
  • Oh, I have a meeting after lunch, so maybe that's not a good idea.
  • We use wild garlic – it has a milder, more subtle flavour.
  • You really should try it and it won't give you bad breath.
  • Oh, in that case, yes I will.
  • Can you suggest a wine to go with this?
  • The best match would be something light.
  • Perhaps a Semillon?
  • Or maybe a pinot grigio?
  • A large glass of the Semillon, please.
  • Right away, madam.

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