• Tell you what, I'm starving.
  • What should we order?
  • I don't know.
  • Do you fancy an Indian or a Chinese?
  • an Indian or a Chinese
    "an Indian or a Chinese"は"an Indian food or a Chinese food"の意味。
  • Oh, I don't know.
  • We can't go wrong with either.
  • It's tough.
  • I had quite a heavy lunch so probably not as famished as you, just peckish.
  • famished
    "peckish"は"a little hungry"の意味。「 小腹が空いた」
  • You want a Chinese, don't you?
  • Maybe not. I could murder a Korma.
  • I could murder
    "I could murder ~"は"I really want ~"の意味。 「本当に~が欲しい」
  • Oh, a good Chicken Korma, but what about sweet and sour pork balls?
  • Oh, sweet and sour pork balls, this is too much!
  • Which one delivers quicker? We'll go with that one!
  • No idea.
  • I'm gonna have a quick fag while you try 'n decide.
  • fag
    "fag"は"cigarette"の意味。 「タバコ」
  • Really?
  • Hmm.Well, get a move on or I'll have eaten this menu by the time you get back.
  • get a move on
    "get a move on"は"hurry (up)"の意味。「急いで」

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