• Hey, John.
  • Pete. Hi. How're you doing?
  • Mustn't grumble.
  • Mustn't grumble
    "mustn't grumble"は"fine"の意味。「大丈夫/元気である」
  • So. How's your mum getting on?
  • mum
    "mum"は"mother"の意味。「 お母さん」。米英語では"mom"が一般的。
  • Oh, thanks for asking. She's doing much better.
  • The doctors said it was just a mild stroke. She's already out of the hospital.
  • I think it was kind of a wake up call for her.
  • a wake up call
    "a wake up call"は重要な情報や状況に注意を向ける経験や出来事のこと。「警鐘/注意を引くもの」
  • Of course. It is a worry, isn't it?
  • Yeah. Kind of hard to believe, but we've learned a lot from all of this.
  • I think she'll be trying much harder to take better care of herself.
  • Right. It's a good thing it wasn't anything more serious.
  • Yeah. She's going to be alright.

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