• I want to take a bottle of something round to David's tonight.
  • a bottle of something
    "a bottle of something"は"a bottle of wine"の意味。「ワイン一本」
    round to David's
    "round to David's"は「デイビッドの家へ」の意味。イギリス英語では、家を表わす単語の前に"round"を使うことがある。
  • What do you think?
  • Yeah, that'd be good.
  • They've got a good selection of wines here.
  • Do you know what he's planning to cook?
  • I think a roast. Maybe pork.
  • You remember last time?
  • It was delicious so I think he's making it again.
  • Ooo yeah, that was great.
  • So what goes well with roast pork?
  • Maybe a red?
  • I thought white wine was for pork and red for beef.
  • I don't like white wine. It's always too bitter.
  • Hmm.What about trying a pink?
  • That rosé looks alright.
  • alright
  • That looks good.
  • It even says ‘good with pork'. Perfect.
  • Yeah, cheap too.

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