• Wow, this apple tart is delicious!
  • Ah, I'm glad you like it.
  • And you made it from scratch?
  • from scratch
     "from scratch"は"from the beginning"あるいは"from the basic ingredients"の意味。「最初から」
  • Yup, just came out of the oven.
  • It's so good!
  • good
  • What did you put in it?
  • Well, the crust is very basic.
  • But I used four different kinds of apples instead of just one.
  • Really? Why?
  • Well, each kind has a different flavour and texture.
  • For example, Granny Smith is more crispy and tart, and Red Delicious is softer and sweeter.
  • Granny Smith
    "Granny Smith"は通常デザート作りに使われる青りんごのこと。
    Red Delicious
     "Red Delicious"はやわらかく甘い赤りんごのこと。
  • The pie turns out more interesting when you mix them up.
  • So I'm eating four different kinds of apples?
  • Yes you are.
  • Fascinating!

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