• Hi, John.
  • Am I right in thinking that you're into photography?
  • you're into photography
    "be into ~"は「~を趣味とする/~(娯楽)に興じる」の意味。
  • Mmm, yes actually, I am.
  • Just this weekend I got myself a new lens.
  • Oh? Right. Um, the reason I'm asking is that we need some publicity shots.
  • shots
  • Just of the office and the front of the building.
  • Can you do that kind of thing?
  • Oh, yes, of course.
  • Do you wanna particular style?
  • No, nothing special really.
  • Would you be able to get it done before Friday?
  • Well, if it's just snapshots you want, I'll do it now with the camera on my phone.
  • snapshots
  • What?
  • Can you really take good quality pictures with a phone?
  • Yeah. And video, too.
  • And it's got loads of handy apps.
  • loads of
    "loads of"は"a lot of"の意味。「たくさんの」
  • No!
  • No!
  • These days, speaking to people is the last thing I use it for.
  • the last thing
    "the last thing"は「ほとんど~しない」の意味。
  • Amazing.

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