• What? You've got to be having a laugh!
  • having a laugh
    "having a laugh"は「冗談だろう!」の意味。英英語では、"kidding me"より頻繁に使われる表現。
  • Why?What's wrong?
  • It's 70 quid!
  • quid
  • Oh, the petrol price?
  • petrol
    "petrol"は「ガソリン」の意味(英英語・豪英語共通)。米英語ではgas (gasoline)が一般的。
  • Yeah. They said it was going to go up this week.
  • Again? They can't keep doing this.
  • Every week it goes up by 20 quid.
  • At this rate I'll have no cash left.
  • have no cash left
    "cash"は"money"の意味の俗語。「お金」。"have no cash left"で「一文無しになる」の意味。
  • Yeah. Doesn't it make you really jealous of people who drive hybrids?
  • Tell me about it.
  • Tell me about it
    "Tell me about it"は"That is very true"の意味。「全くその通り」
  • Those things do about 60 miles a gallon.
  • mile
  • Should've bought one.
  • Yeah.Should've bought one when I still had money, before the oil companies nicked it all.
  • nicked

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