• Morning.
  • Morning, how are you doing?
  • Yeah, not too bad.
  • I'm about to put the kettle on, do you fancy a cuppa?
  • fancy
    a cuppa
    "a cuppa"は"a cup of coffee or tea"の意味。「(一杯の)コーヒー/紅茶」
  • Oh thanks, wouldn't say no.
  • Milk and sugar in yours?
  • Milk please, but no sugar.
  • Can't stand sweet tea.
  • Yeah, me too.
  • I'll just go and pop the kettle on, back in a couple of minutes.
  • pop the kettle on
    "pop the kettle on"は"start to heat water in a kettle"の意味。「お湯を沸かす」
  • Okay, thanks for that. Appreciate it.
  • No probs.
  • No probs
    "No probs"は"No problem"を短くした言い方。

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