• Oh wow, look.
  • Look over there.
  • I believe it's a Bicknell's thrush.
  • Bicknell's thrush
    "Bicknell's thrush"は北アメリカに生息する鳴鳥。ツグミの一種。
  • That's rather unlikely.
  • rather unlikely
    "rather unlikely"は"very unlikely"の意味の柔らかい言い方。
  • You don't find them in England.
  • No really, look.
  • It's in that oak tree.
  • oak tree
    "oak tree"は「樫の木」の意味。イギリスでは重要な木で、国の象徴として使われることもある。
  • On that big branch on the left-hand side.
  • On the left…
  • No, can't see anything.
  • Ah, it's just flown to the next tree.
  • Did you see it?
  • Ah, yes.
  • Ah, I'm afraid you might be mistaken.
  • I'm afraid you might be mistaken
    "I'm afraid you might be mistaken"は"You're wrong"の意味の柔らかい言い方。
  • Here. Check the guide book.
  • It's small and brown, and the belly is a lighter colour.
  • colour
  • Well, okay.
  • You can never be sure.
  • I'm thrilled to bits.
  • I'm thrilled to bits
    "I'm thrilled to bits"は"I'm really happy"の意味。「とても嬉しい」
  • I didn't expect to see such a rare bird.
  • You know, it may just be a sparrow.

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