• Where you going now, Jane?
  • Just to pick up some groceries for my mum.
  • Oh okay.
  • You seem to be running a lot of errands for her recently.
  • Yes, that's true.
  • I thought you're really busy with all the essay deadlines next week.
  • Yah, I am.
  • So why you say yes?
  • So why you say yes?
    "So why you say yes?"は通常"So why did you say yes?"である。シンガポール英語の口語表現では、助動詞が脱落することがある。
  • Oh, because my mum had quite a bad flu last week and is still recovering.
  • So I felt like I needed to help out more.
  • Aww, what a nice daughter she has!
  • Just trying my best to be a good daughter.
  • Haha I should learn from you!
  • No lah, I'm sure you're a good son in your own way already.
  • No lah
    "lah"はシンガポール英語での間投詞。ここでの"No lah"は、「そんなことを言わないで」という意味。
  • Nah, I doubt so.

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