• We finally get to spend the weekend together this week.
  • What do you want to do?
  • After all our OTs and work trips,
  • OT
  • I'm glad we can finally spend time together.
  • How about a short getaway to JB?
  • JB
    "JB"は"Johor Bahru"の省略(頭字語)。一般的にシンガポール人はJBと呼ぶ。ジョホール・バルとは、シンガポール・マレーシア・コーズウェイ橋に最も近いマレーシアの町である。
  • I don't know leh.
  • I'm feeling a bit lazy to go out of Singapore.
  • Then what you feel like doing?
  • what you feel like doing?
    "what you feel like doing?"は助動詞doが脱落している。標準形は"what do you feel like doing?
  • We could do something at home.
  • Want to try some new cooking projects together?
  • Umm, I was thinking to go out together though.
  • But we hardly even spend time together at home in the first place.
  • We can watch movie at home too.
  • Okay. A movie at home doesn't sound too bad I guess.
  • How about this? We stay at home and
  • I'll choose the recipe, and we're going to try and you choose the movie.
  • Like that or not?
  • Like that or not?
    "Like that or not?"の標準形は"Do you like that?"口語体では主語と助動詞が脱落することがある。疑問文は"or not?"で終わることがよくある。
  • Can.
  • Can.
    "Can."はこの場合"I do."「それでいい」という意味。口語体シンガポール英語では、質問されたことに対する肯定的な受け答えの口語表現として"Can."が使われる。
  • But I choose the recipe also ah?
  • Fine
  • Yeah.
  • So it's fair now, right?
  • Yah, I'll choose a good movie and recipe,
  • you'll like it for sure.

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