• Wah, I can't believe it's our last sem already and we are graduating.
  • already
  • I know right.
  • right
  • Time really flies.
  • It seems like we just entered uni yesterday.
  • uni
  • Yah, sibei fast!
  • sibei
  • You found your job already?
  • Not really, been busy with school.
  • I am looking at a career related to my field of study, psychology.
  • But it seems that most of the psych-related jobs require masters.
  • psych
  • Wah, then how?
  • Do masters?
  • Not so soon ah. I would like to get some work experience first.
  • Also need to earn some money to fund my studies.
  • I found a few potential companies that hire fresh grad students at Career Fair.
  • grad
  • Nice! What kind of job? What companies?
  • Hmm, there is the special needs field- Rainbow Centre, Pathlight School, that I am interested in. Or ministries like M-S-F, Ministry of Health.
  • M-S-F
    "M-S-F"は"Ministry of Social and Family Development"の省略(この場合、頭字語)。「社会家庭発展省」のこと。
  • During Career Fair, I also learned more about becoming a Home Team Specialist with the Singapore Prisons Service too.
  • I am also considering the statutory boards.
  • What is M-S-F?
  • Your choices are a lot, siah!
  • siah
  • It's the new name of M-C-Y-S. I think.
  • M-C-Y-S
    "M-C-Y-S"は"Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports"の省略(この場合、頭字語)。 「地方自治開発省」のこと。シンガポール人は省略を好む。
  • But yah, I discovered so much more options!
  • You leh?
  • Wah, I didn't know the name change.
  • I don't need. I am bonded to teach for 4 years after graduation.
  • Oh yah, your scholarship right.
  • Lucky siah!
  • No need to worry about finding jobs.
  • Okay lah, thank god that it's going to be something that I like.
  • All the best for your job applications!
  • Hope you get your dream job.
  • Thanks!

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