• So, I've decided that we going to eat at either Swee Choon or at Maxwell.
  • Swee Choon
    "Swee Choon"は飲茶で有名な中華レストランである。
    "Maxwell"は"Maxwell Food Centre"の省略。シンガポール人には"Maxwell"という愛称で親しまれている。多くの有名な屋台が軒を連ねる屋外にあるホーカーセンター。
  • What do you think?
  • Both sounds good. Which one should we go then?
  • I'm hungry already leh.
  • leh
  • Well.. You want to have dim sum today?
  • dim sum
    "dim sum"は「点心」、「飲茶」。
  • I do but I don't know if the queue at Swee Choon will be long today.
  • queue
  • I don't want to wait leh.
  • Then we go to Maxwell?
  • We can order chicken rice!
  • But the weather's really hot today,
  • and Swee Choon has air-con,
  • air-con
    "air-con"は"air conditioning"の省略で、シンガポール人は省略形を好んで使う。
  • so that will be better?
  • So that means we're going to Swee Choon?
  • Um. Yeah, that was a really hard decision to make!
  • We can go to Maxwell next time.
  • Okay, next time then.
  • We better get going now,
  • before the queue starts to get long.
  • Alright. I'm starting to get hungry too.
  • I'm really hungry already.
  • Faster, let's go leh!

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