• Which cake do you think we should get for Grace's birthday from Bengawan Solo?
  • Bengawan Solo
    "Bengawan Solo"はシンガポールにある菓子店。シンガポールに38の小売店を持ち、ウッドランドには23の工場を持つ。クエ、バンズ、ケーキ、クッキー、月餅を製造している。
  • Ahh...I'm not sure leh.
  • I thought you are the one that knows her better?
  • But I don't know what she likes.
  • Hmm, Grace loves chocolate, right?
  • Grace loves chocolate, right?
    "Grace loves chocolate, right?"の標準形は"Grace loves chocolate, doesn't she?。この場合、"right"は付加疑問的に使われている。
  • Okay they have a lot of chocolate cakes, right?
  • You know which one is the best?
  • Ah, I heard that the new Chocolate Hazelnut cake is good?
  • Ya! I heard also!
  • Okay can, then we get that one.
  • Okay can
    "Okay can."は「よし、そうしよう」という意味。
  • Which size do you think we should get?
  • The small one should be okay lah.
  • Won't it be too little for all twenty of us?
  • Hum. True ah, maybe get a medium one lah.
  • OK.

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