• Xin Yi, I have something to ask you.
  • Yes?
  • Is your Chinese good?
  • I remember it's not bad right.
  • It used to be.
  • But I haven't written or read Chinese since Sec 4.
  • Sec 4
    "Sec 4"は"Secondary 4"の省略で、 「中等学校4年生」という意味。
  • So it's quite rusty already.
  • rusty
  • Ah, how about speaking and listening?
  • Ah…okay right?
  • Conversation still can but
  • Conversation still can
    "conversation still can."は"my conversation skills are still okay."で、「私の(中国語)会話力はまだ大丈夫です。」の意味。
  • writing is definitely not as good as it used to be.
  • No, it's okay, it's okay. Because ah, we have a Chinese client coming next week.
  • And I'm wondering if you can be the one to show her around?
  • I can but I am not sure if I can translate in more formal occasions and the more technical terms.
  • Oh, no need lah, no need lah.
  • no need lah,
    "no need lah"は「する必要はない」の意味。
  • I'm just looking for someone who can converse comfortably
  • and just show her around, make her feel at home you know?
  • Sure, that I can do.
  • Okay. That will be great.
  • Thanks! I'll let you know the details once it's confirmed.
  • No problem. Okay.

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