• Can I take your order?
  • Paiseh. I want to ask something.
  • Paiseh.
  • Down here, right. It says it's spicy,
  • right
  • but how spicy ah?
  • Um, actually it's not that spicy.
  • Just has a little bit of kick at the end.
  • It won't be too hot.
  • Oh okay. Heng ah.
  • Heng ah.
    "Heng ah"は「それはいいね。」の意味。
  • I don't eat so spicy food today.
  • And crabs also looks good .
  • Uh huh.
  • Ah… the popular choice is the salted egg.
  • salted egg
    "salted egg"はシンガポールでポピュラーなカニの調理の仕方。アヒルの卵を塩漬けに したもの。
  • Hmm... okay.
  • The tomato soup and the crabs then.
  • Okay. So salted egg ?
  • Yes, please.
  • The tomato soup comes with another side.
  • Would you like salad or French fries?
  • French fries, please.
  • Okay.

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