• Hey! Sorry, I'm late.
  • Eh, no, no, no. It's okay. Ah, I just got here too.
  • Eh, I got you a teh tarik ah.
  • teh tarik
    "teh tarik"は「引いたお茶」の意味で、準備の際に飲み物を「引く」動作で注ぐことに由来する。温かいインドのミルクティーで、シンガポールのレストランや屋台でよく見かける。
  • Hope it's okay.
  • Thanks. You know me so well.
  • Wow that's a nice watch!
  • Eh, someone strike 4D, right?
  • 4D
  • Ha, ha! I wish!
  • The watch, how much ah?
  • This one? 80 dollars.
  • No way! Where?
  • No way!
    "No way!"はこの場合「ありえない!」の意味。"Shut up!"をシンガポール人はあまり使用しない。
  • No, I'm serious.
  • Lindsay got it when she went to Ion on Friday.
  • Ion
  • Ah, GSS, right.
  • GSS
    "GSS"は"Great Singapore Sale"の省略。シンガポール人は頭文字表記をすることを好む。
  • Ah, did you go?
  • Yah. Didn't buy much.
  • Certainly didn't see any good deals like that!
  • I went around 4:00 and the queue was already siao liao.
  • queue
    siao liao.
    "siao liao"は「馬鹿げている」、「正気でない」の意味。
  • How early did Lindsay have to get up?
  • She didn't.
  • She didn't?
  • Yah, she went straight after dinner.
  • Hah?

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