• Jia Ming?
  • Hey Jia Ming!
  • Rachel?
  • Wah, hello!
  • Haven't seen you for so long.
  • How are you?
  • Yah, still dare to say,
  • still dare to say
    "still dare to say"は主語のyouが省略されている。口語体シンガポール英語では、主語が脱落することがよくある。
  • you always don't come for our gatherings.
  • I just started work. You?
  • Oops. Busy ma.
  • Busy ma.
  • School re-opens next week. Sian.
  • Sian.
  • What are you doing here?
  • Oh, I am waiting for my girlfriend.
  • We're gonna try this café later on. You?
  • Oh, this one!
  • It's so crowded but the food is so good. I love it.
  • I'm meeting Shirley they all.
  • they all
    "they all"は「他のみんな」という意味。
  • What? You all still meet up?
  • You all
    "you all"は「あなたたち全員」という意味。
  • Once in a while.
  • Let's have a class gathering soon leh.
  • leh
  • Yah,
  • Wei Sheng is also going to UK to further his studies soon.
  • I was thinking of planning a farewell party.
  • Oh, tell us again.
  • Got to go. Have fun!
  • You too!
  • Say Hi to them for me.

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