• Myla! Wait!
  • Uy Marvin. Wazzup?
  • Uy
    "Wazzup?"は"What's up?"の意味。「お元気ですか」「どうしましたか」
  • Listen. I’ll tell you something. I have a good news.
  • Rommy’s parents have a beach house in Pagudpud, and they’re allowing him to use it this weekend.
  • beach house
    "beach house"は浜辺に建てられた別荘のこと。「ビーチハウス」
  • He’s inviting lots of people over.
  • I’m going to stay at the house all weekend with Julio, and I just wanted to see if you’d also like to come.
  • Wow! That sounds great.
  • I’m going out for dinner tonight with my friends,
  • but maybe I will go there on Saturday, just for one day.
  • Good! It’s going to be amazing.
  • The house is very near the beach.
  • Let me give you directions.
  • Well, I’m in a hurry right now.
  • Could I just call you on Saturday morning and get the information?
  • Oh, sure. Yeah. Just call me on Saturday then.
  • Try to come early.
  • We’re going to have ihaw-ihaw on the beach before lunchtime.
  • ihaw-ihaw
  • OK. That sounds good.
  • Anyway, I'll go ahead. See you later.
  • I'll go ahead.
    "I'll go ahead."は"I'd better get going."の意味。「もう行かないと」
  • Yeah. See you!
  • OK.

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