• Oh hi! You’re here.
  • How may I help you?
  • Good morning, Doc. I just want to give you this pasalubong.
  • Doc
  • I know that your favorite color is red.
  • It’s a red pen.
  • Mmm. This is so sweet. Thank you.
  • But please don’t bother buying me a pasalubong next time.
  • People might misunderstand, you know.
  • But Doc, this is my way of showing my appreciation.
  • I appreciate your thoughtfulness,
  • but others may see it differently.
  • I won’t tell them that I gave that to you.
  • Thank you for thinking about me,
  • but next time don’t buy anything for me, OK?
  • Like I said, it might give a wrong signal to others.
  • OK Doc, I understand.

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