• Let’s go back to Anna’s house and get the authorization letter.
  • authorization letter
    "authorization letter"は"proxy"のこと。「委任状」
  • If we go back, we will not make it for today’s cut-off.
  • It's very traffic along the highway going to her house.
  • very traffic
    "very traffic"は"heavy traffic"のこと。「交通渋滞」
  • Let’s print the letter the in... in the internet café instead, and I’ll try to copy Anna’s signature.
  • Are you sure? Don’t do that.
  • You might be sanctioned if they find out that you falsified her signature.
  • Well, I think it’s just fine.
  • How would they know?
  • If I were you, I wouldn’t take the risk.
  • So what do you suggest?
  • What if I ask our houseboy to come over and bring the letter?
  • houseboy
  • That would be possible without the heavy traffic.
  • Then let’s just inform Anna about it,
  • inform Anna about it
    "inform Anna about it"は"inform Anna of it"の意味。「アナにそれを伝える」
  • and we process her enrollment tomorrow since we couldn’t catch the cut-off this afternoon.
  • I’m sure, she’ll understand.
  • OK.

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