• I think we need to talk about this, hon.
  • hon
  • Is there something wrong?
  • I saw the FB post of Henry.
  • FB
  • You were out again last night.
  • How many times have you hung out with your friends this month?
  • Oh, I forgot to tell you. It was his birthday.
  • I really didn’t have any plans of going out, but he called me up.
  • So, I just showed up but I went home early.
  • You see, you’ve been drinking too much.
  • We are always fighting because of this.
  • Do I bother you when you go out with your friends, or when you go on your shopping sprees?
  • Is that the issue?
  • Aren’t we talking about you always hang out with friends?
  • You see, don’t just put the blame on me.
  • We both have flaws.
  • So let’s fix this.
  • Could you at least lessen your liquor intake every time you go out with your friends?
  • OK, I will. Sorry, hon.
  • I didn’t know this was bothering you.
  • And on my part,
  • I will try to lessen being a shopaholic and buy only those that I need.
  • shopaholic
  • I am sorry too, hon.
  • Do you have Paracetamol?
  • Paracetamol
  • This headache is killing me.
  • I have here in my bag.
  • But let’s go eat first. I’m a little hungry.
  • OK. I think I need that.

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