• I am bothered by the news last night about the increasing number of students who are depressed.
  • Me, too.
  • Nowadays, most students have a hard time coping up with their studies and peer pressure.
  • coping up with
    "coping up with"は"coping with"の意味。「~に対処する」
  • Some of them even resort to dropping out of their classes, and worst, some commit suicide.
  • That’s why it’s very important for us teachers to be aware of the sign of depressions.
  • Like what are these signs?
  • For example, when students become too silent and their silence becomes disturbing.
  • I agree.
  • And then you ask them a question and they just look at you blankly and refuse to respond.
  • And there are those who get irritated too easily or those who cannot control their emotions.
  • I also read somewhere that symptoms can be extreme.
  • There are those who suffer from insomnia but there are those who would rather sleep all day long.
  • Others may lose their appetite, while, er, some turn to stress-eating.
  • stress-eating
  • These people must be going through a lot.
  • But there are NGOs helping people with depression.
  • NGO
    "NGO"は"non-government organization"の略。「非政府組織」
  • Our school needs to partner with them.
  • That’s right.
  • And as teachers, we also have to be extra sensitive with the signs of depression.

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