• So why do you want to come to De La Salle University?
  • Well, because of its language courses.
  • This university has the curriculum that I want and a very good reputation.
  • Also, there’s a lot of opportunities for studying abroad here.
  • OK. How do you think you’ll adjust on campus?
  • Well, I’m really excited about it.
  • Based from what I’ve heard, this is an excellent school.
  • Based from
    "based from"は"according to"の意味。「~によると」
  • I’m interested in joining the English club and maybe trying my luck in student council.
  • OK. Do you have any concerns about living in a dorm?
  • dorm
  • No, not really.
  • I suppose a lot will depend on my future roommate, but I tend to get along well with most people.
  • I think dorm life will be fun.
  • OK. Do you have any reason not to come here if you’re accepted?
  • Hmm. It’s a little far from home.
  • My parents would prefer that I study in my hometown.
  • But they’d understand if I choose to study here.
  • OK.

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