• Friend, do you remember Diane, my niece?
  • How can I forget her?
  • She’s the one who won Miss Teen Philippines right?
  • Miss Teen Philippines
    "Miss Teen Philippines"はフィリピン国内で実施されている、フィリピンの女性ティーンエイジャーのための美人コンテストのこと。「ミス・ティーン・フィリピンズ」
  • Yes, she is. That was when she was 16.
  • And she’s turning 18 now!
  • How is she?
  • She’s gotten prettier. She’s in college and she’s taking up Tourism.
  • But you know what, I have a problem.
  • What shall I give her?
  • What if you give her a new CP?
  • CP
    "CP"は"cell phone"の略。「携帯電話」
  • Her Dad just bought her a new one last month.
  • What else?
  • Oh, if she has these material things,
  • why not give her something she will never forget.
  • Experience!
  • Like what experience?
  • Travel somewhere!
  • Perhaps, you can have a three-day vacation in Boracay.
  • Boracay
  • My officemate went there last month and was able to get a promo!
  • officemate
  • Wow! But Diane has been to Boracay already.
  • Then why not try Palawan?
  • Palawan
  • I’m sure she’ll love there!
  • Palawan is perfect!
  • I’ll bring her to the Underground River,
  • Underground River
    "Underground River"はパラワン島のプエリト・プリンセサ地下河川国立公園にある全長8.2kmに及ぶ世界最大級の地底河川のこと。洞窟内をボートで移動して河川を見学するコースが人気。
  • one of the world’s seven wonders of nature.
  • That’s exciting!
  • And she’ll enjoy snorkeling and scuba diving.
  • I know she will love it.
  • So go and book your trip immediately.
  • Thank you for the help.
  • By the way her birthday is Saturday next week. Please be there.
  • She’ll be happy to see you.
  • Of course, I will not miss that.

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