• Hi! It was so hard to get here. The line at the elevator was so long.
  • Look, I even scratched my elbow on the edge of the jeepney.
  • jeepney
  • This is not my day friend.
  • That’s sad.
  • Cover that up. I have band-aid here.
  • band-aid
    "band-aid"は"adhesive bandage"のこと。フィリピン英語ではジョンソン・エンド・ジョンソンの商品名である「バンドエイド」以外の絆創膏も"band-aid"と呼ぶ。
  • Thank you. Anyway, have you started?
  • I’m still waiting for Marvin.
  • Uy, I have pasalubong for everyone.
  • pasalubong
  • Try this Piaya from Bacolod.
  • Piaya
  • It’s yummy!
  • Wow, who brought this?
  • It’s a pasalubong from my husband, you know.
  • Wow, that’s so sweet, relationship goals!
  • Piaya?I haven’t even tasted this.
  • Really? That goes well with coffee.
  • Then let’s go to Starbucks!
  • OMG! I don’t have money.
  • OMG!
    "OMG"は"Oh, my God!"の意味。「なんてことだ」フィリピン英語では頭字語が好まれて使われる。
  • That’s not a problem.
  • I lend you, friend.
  • Yah, I’ll pay you next time.
  • Thank you, friend.

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