• Hey, Tama - we heard that suddenly you've been asked to work weekends for the next month.
  • Tama
  • Yeah, mate.
  • mate
  • A member of staff got laid off, so I've gotta cover his shift for the next few weekends.
  • got laid off
    "lay off"は、リストラなどで仕事を失うこと。「クビになる」
    "cover"は"replace; to do someone else's work"の意味。「代わりに働く」
  • Well, since you're busy Saturdays and Sundays next month, I guess we'll need to cover your duties for the weekend kids club.
  • Yeah - I'm a bit gutted about that.
  • gutted
    "gutted"は"very upset"の意味。「心を乱す」
  • I always look forward to helping out the kids.
  • I know you do.
  • Anyway, don't worry about taking them eeling on Saturdays.
  • eeling
  • Carl's got that covered.
  • Cool - thanks for that.
  • And have you got anyone for Sundays?
  • This Sunday you were gonna take the kids to see the Warriors play league, right?
  • Warriors
    ここでの"league"は"rugby league"のこと。
  • I was.
  • Looks like we might have to cancel.
  • No, no - it's all taken care of.
  • Jill's free so she'll take them instead.
  • That's good to hear.
  • Cheers for sorting that out.
  • Cheers
  • Yeah, nah - it's all good mate.
  • Jill said she's really looking forward to the game with the kids.
  • Reckons she's a huge Warriors fan.
  • Reckons
  • Nice. Those kids love nothing better than having a pie and watching a game of league.
  • pie
  • Who doesn't mate!

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