• She said that she couldn't believe we got her a car for her graduation!
  • Well Jaymie deserves it. She's a great daughter.
  • This is our way of telling her congrats on finishing uni.
  • congrats
  • She reckons we're the best parents ever!
  • reckons
  • Did you tell her that there are a few rules that come with the car?
  • Yep, I think I covered everything.
  • Yep
  • She's still on her restricted licence.
  • restricted licence
    "restricted licence"は、初心者に数年間課せられる制限付きの運転免許証。豪英・英英と同様に"licence"と綴る。米英語では"license"と綴る。
  • Did you tell her she can't drive between 10 and 5am?
  • Definitely. I don't want the traffic cops pulling her over and giving her a ticket.
  • traffic cops
    "traffic cops"は、交通係の警察官。
  • Exactly.
  • And I hope you reminded her that there's definitely no drinking and driving!
  • A DIC would be the last straw.
  • DIC
    "DIC"は"Drunk in Charge"の意味。「飲酒運転」
    last straw
    "last straw"は、"It is the last straw that breaks the camel's back." (大事の引き金となるのは最後の一小事だ。) から。
  • No worries, there.
  • No worries
    "no worries"は"that's alright"の意味。
  • She's a good kid.
  • She said that whenever she and her mates go out, one of them is always the sober driver.
  • mates
    sober driver
    "sober driver"友人や家族の中で、運転するために酒を飲まないことにした人。
  • And no crazy driving. I'll make sure that she knows we expect her to drive responsibly.
  • She'll be fine - in fact, she was just saying how she can't stand hoons and boy-racers.
  • hoons
    "hoon"は"young person who behaves badly in public"のこと。「傍若無人に振る舞う若者」
    "boy racer"は"person who likes to drive fast cars in a dangerous manner"のこと。「暴走族」
  • Okay, then.
  • I think that just about covers everything.
  • Yeah, I think so.
  • Oh, here's a text from her.
  • a text
    "text"は"send a text message from a mobile phone"の意味。「メール」
  • Thanks for the awesome car, dad.
  • awesome
  • Love you guys heaps!'
  • heaps
    "heaps"は"a lot"の意味。「たくさん」

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