• My sister's teaching English over in Japan and she wants me to send her some typically Kiwi stuff.
  • Kiwi
    "Kiwi"は"New Zealander"の意味。「ニュージーランドの」
  • What for?
  • She wants to give other teachers birthday gifts - but wants to give them kiwiana things.
  • kiwiana
    "kiwiana"は"certain items and icons fron NZ's heritage"の意味。「ニュージーランド独特の」
  • But, I'm a little stuck for ideas.
  • Uh… what do you reckon she means by 'Kiwi stuff'?
  • reckon
  • Well, what about a Buzzy Bee?
  • Buzzy Bee
    "Buzzy Bee"は、ニュージーランドで代表的な、子どものおもちゃ。
  • That'd be a great gift for anyone with young kids.
  • Ah, Right!
  • I even had one of those when I was a nipper.
  • nipper
    "nipper"は"small child"の意味。「小さい子ども」
  • And, if anyone has a sweet tooth, you can't go wrong with chocolate fish.
  • chocolate fish
    "chocolate fish"はニュージーランドの代表的なお菓子で、魚の形をしたマシュマロをチョコレートでコーティングしたもの。
  • Right! That's a great example of a Kiwi sweet.
  • They've been around forever.
  • Or how about a pair of jandals? Can't get more 'Kiwi summer' than that!
  • jandals
  • For sure!
  • I can't imagine wearing anything else when summer hits.
  • There's heaps of other things, too, if you think about it.
  • heaps
    "heaps"は"a lot"の意味。「たくさん」
  • True!
  • True!
    ここでの"true"は"I agree"の意味。
  • Well, I'm sure I'll suss something out for her.
  • suss something out
    "suss out"は"figure out; solve"の意味。「考えつく」

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