• Afternoon, Jerome.
  • Hi, how's it going Trish. What can I do for you?
  • Well, I've got a bit of a favour to ask if you don't mind?
  • Sure. What do you need?
  • Well, as you know, Patrick's out.
  • He called in crook.
  • called in crook
    "crook"は"feeling unwell"の意味。"call in crook"は"call in sick"「病欠の電話をする」の意味。
  • Yeah, we heard he was a bit under-the-weather.
  • under-the-weather
    "under-the-weather"は"feeling unwell"の意味。「具合が悪い」
  • We thought he might've been pulling a sickie because his favourite rugby team is playing today.
  • pulling a sickie
    "sickie"は"sick"。「病気」(豪英語共通)。"pull a sickie"は"pretend to be sick"の意味。「仮病を使って、仕事や学校を休む。」
  • That crossed my mind, too.
  • Turns out though, he got food poisoning last night so it looks like he'll be out for the week.
  • Poor bloke!
  • bloke
  • Yeah, and the thing is, we need someone to stay late a couple of hours the rest of this week.
  • Ah, I see.
  • So, would you mind terribly covering for him?
  • covering
    "cover"は"replace; to do someone else's work"の意味。「代わりに働く」
  • You'll be compensated, of course.
  • Yeah, no worries, Trish.
  • no worries
    "no worriess"は"do not worry about that"の意味。「まかせてください」
  • Could do with a bit of extra cash this month, anyway.

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