• Jeez…I just don't know what to wear tonight.
  • Jeez…
  • Maybe I can give you a hand.
  • What are you up to?
  • It's a 10-year university thing.
  • Catching up with all the guys I was at uni with a decade ago.
  • Catching up
    "catch up"は"meet again"の意味。「再会する」
  • Ah, that's right - you were a scarfie down South, right?
  • scarfie
  • Sure was.
  • So, how'bout you chuck on that new suit you bought for your grandparents' golden wedding anniversary?
  • chuck on
    "chuck on"は"put on quickly"の意味。ここでは「さっと着る」
    golden wedding anniversary
    "golden wedding anniversary"は"50 th wedding anniversary"の意味。「金婚式」
  • Nah, the thing tonight is a bit more of a piss-up down at the pub.
  • piss-up
    "pub"は"public bar"の意味。「パブ」
  • Okay. Well, I reckon just go with a tee and jeans.
  • reckon
  • Could do but I should scrub up a bit.
  • scrub up
    "scrub up"は、きちんとして見えるように努めることを意味する。
  • Don't wanna look too scruffy.
  • scruffy
    "scruffy"は"dressed messily"の意味。「だらしのない、みすぼらしい」
  • Well, just wear what you do to work; smart casual.
  • smart casual
    "smart casual"は、カジュアルとフォーマルの中間の装い方をいう。「スマート・カジュアル」
  • Yeah, that's probably best.
  • Can't go wrong with a blazer and a decent pair of pants.

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