• So, who do you think is better - the Auckland Blues or the Waikato Chiefs?
  • Auckland Blues
    "Auckland Blues"は、オークランド地域選抜のラグビーチーム。
    Waikato Chiefs
    "Waikato chiefs"は、ワイカト地域選抜のラグビーチーム。
  • Tough call, mate.
  • Tough call
    "tough call"は"difficult decision"の意味。ここでは「難しい質問だね」
  • Well, if I had to choose, I'd go with the Blues rugby team.
  • go with
    "go with"は"support"の意味。「応援する」
  • You reckon? I think you're just saying that 'cos you're a dyed-in-the wool Aucklander.
  • reckon
    dyed-in-the wool
    "dyed-in-the wool"は"uncompromising; steadfast of belief"の意味。ここでは「根っからの」
  • Nah, nah, I've got heaps of family living in Hamilton, and I went to uni there.
  • heaps
    "heaps"は"a lot"の意味。「たくさん」
  • So, why are you living here in Auckland?
  • Auckland
  • Well, originally I moved down to Invercargill, but the winters were cold as.
  • cold as
    "cold as"は"really cold"の意味。「とても寒い」
  • Yeah, when I went on a bit of a tiki-tour round the South Island, I thought the same.
  • tiki-tour
    "tiki-tour"はNZ英語特有の表現で、"taking the scenic or more interesting route to a destination rather than taking the direct route"「景色を楽しみながらぶらぶら歩いて回る」といった意味。
  • Yeah, nah…too cold for me.
  • Yeah, nah
    "yeah, nah"はニュージーランド英語で否定的な意見に同意する時によく使われる言い方。
  • So, I moved up north back here; milder winters and more jobs.
  • So what are you doing now for coin?
  • coin
    "coin"は"money"の意味。"What are you doing for coin?"は職業を尋ねる疑問文。
  • I'm a high-school teacher.
  • I teach English Lit, and ESOL.
  • Lit
    "ESOL"は"English for speakers of other languages"の略称。「外国語としての英語」
  • Cool. Which of those two subjects do you like teaching the most?
  • Both are good; I'm more into literature, but it's heaps more fun teaching the international kids.
  • into
    ここでの"into"は"interested in"の意味。「興味がある」

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