• Kia ora!
  • Kia ora
    "kia ora"は"hello" の意味。マオリ語の挨拶。
  • Ah, morning! Wow! Looks like you gotta tan over the weekend!
  • Yeah. The weather was great so some mates and I went tramping.
  • mates
  • Oh. Sounds fun.
  • Do you often go tramping on the weekend?
  • Well, it's been a while 'cos we've been so tied up with that project.
  • tied up
    "tied up"は"busy"の意味。「忙しい」
  • But I try to go whenever I can if the weather's good.
  • Oh. Where do you usually go?
  • Um, I like the Milford track down South but I stay away from there over the summer hols 'cos there're way too many people around at that time.
  • Milford track
    "Milford track"は、ニュージーランド南島の南西部にあるフィヨルドランド国立公園にあるトレッキングコース。
    down South
    ここでの"down South"は"in the South Island"の意味。「南島の」
    summer hols
    "summer hols"は"summer hollidays"の意味。「夏休み」
  • So where'd you go yesterday?
  • We went up Mount Taranaki.
  • Mount Taranaki
    "Mount Taranaki"はニュージーランド北島の西海岸にある山。
  • It's a little bit further away but the views from the top are awesome.
  • awesome
  • Take any photos?
  • I did! Uploaded them to Facebook. Here, have a look on my phone.
  • Wow, these are really cool!
  • Cheers. One of my mate is a pretty decent photographer.
  • Cheers
    "decent"は"acceptable standard"の意味。「なかなかの腕前」
  • He took these and posted them last night.
  • Aren't they great?
  • Yeah, They are, mate.

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