• I'm hungry as.
  • as
  • Let's get a feed at this bakery.
  • feed
  • OK. What do you wanna eat?
  • Wicked! Look at those pies.
  • pie
  • Yuck. You actually like them?
  • For sure!
  • For sure
    "for sure"は"definitely"の意味。「もちろんだ」
  • Can't beat a nice hot mince and cheese pie.
  • Ugh! I think they're yucky.
  • yucky
  • Why? Why do you hate pies so much?
  • Cos I'm not a big meat eater.
  • I like those filled rolls over there better.
  • filled rolls
    "filled roll"は、サラダや肉を入れたロールサンド。
  • Is that right?
  • Yeah. Those prawn and capsicum ones look awesome.
  • awesome
  • And I could go a punnet of chips, too.
  • chips
  • So, you want a filled roll and some chips, yeah?
  • Yep. Just talking about it makes me hungry.
  • So when you grab your pie, get me a roll and some chips.
  • Here's a tenner, should cover it, I reckon.
  • tenner
    "tenner"は"10 dollars"の意味。「10ドル」
  • Ta.
  • Ta
  • No worries.
  • No worries
    "no worries"は"you're welcome"あるいは"that's alright"の意味。「どういたしまして」

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