• I'm going to a dinner party tomorrow and I have to take a plate. What do you think I should take?
  • plate
  • Well, I reckon something sweet. Maybe a pudding.
  • Yeah, could do.
  • Though my dessert-cooking skills are a bit dodgy.
  • dodgy
    "dodgy"は"not functioning correctly; unreliable; suspicious"の意味。「あやしい感じのする」
  • You could always drop by the bakery and buy a cake.
  • bakery
  • Yeah, nah, I really should make something myself.
  • Well, how about something savoury? Didn't you catch a few fish the other day?
  • Yeah, me and Terry went diving last weekend and got a few paua.
  • paua
  • Sweet! Whip up a batch of paua fritters. They'll go down a treat.
  • Whip up
    "whip up"は"make quickly"の意味。「さっと作る」
    go down a treat
    "go down a treat"は"be very popular"の意味。「大人気になる」
  • Too right - everyone loves a good feed of paua.
  • Too right
    "Too right"は相手に賛意を表す時の返事。
  • Well - can I come to this shindig?
  • shindig
  • I'd give an arm and a leg for some of those fritters.
  • Haha! No worries.
  • I'll make sure I put a few aside for you.
  • You're too kind!

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